Saturday, November 11, 2006

Donald Gets Drafted - production animation drawing

From my collection, an animation production drawing from the 1942 Disney war short Donald Gets Drafted. This cartoon was one of several produced during the war that depicted Donald Duck as a member of the military.
Some of the other Donald Duck short films produced during the war included: The Vanishing Private; Sky Trooper; Fall In Fall Out; Commando Duck; and Home Defense. As a sidenote, as part of a publicity event during his 50th birthday party in 1984, Donald was promoted by Army officials to the rank of Sergeant as a sign of thanks for all he did for the war effort and he was given an honorable discharge.

I framed this animation drawing with a copy of Donald's draft notice, which appears in the film. The notice ordered Donald to report for duty on April 1st, 1941 (April Fool's Day), was notice number 13 (Donald's lucky number) and informed Donald he had to report to an address located on "Soldier's Walk and General's Drive."

Please excuse the glare from my camera's flash.

To see a larger, clearer image of the drawing, click on the picture in this post.

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