Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Service With Character. The Disney Studio and World War II

My book on Disney's involvement in World War II is now available as an e-book on Amazon. It's a revised edition of the book Toons At War, which I self-published 13 years ago! The new title is: Service With Character. The Disney Studio and World War II.

The book contains 14 chapters, 10 appendices, end notes, 385 images (of which 340 are in color), and numbers some 88,000 words in length!

Please click on the link and check it out:



HenriekeG said...

Is the paper version still available? I don't have an e-reader, do have an android tablet, I should look and see if it'd work for that!
Thanks for keeping up this blog, it's so interesting and I'm always looking forward to seeing more art by Hank Porter. His art is very inspiring and I wish his name was better known among Disney/cartoon fans.

DisneyDave said...

Thanks for the comments. Unfortunately I do not think the revised edition will be printed in paper form. There is just so much more time and cost involved and both are in short supply. The original book sold out years ago and I never see any come up for resale. Plus the revised, second edition is so much better with almost double the photos (many, many more in color), and lots of new info. I am now working on completing Hank Porter's biography. I hope to have that book completed in about a month's time but again, probably as just an e-book as well. Amazon does offer free apps for a variety of electronic devices. You can even get a free Kindle app for your home computer, as well as many of the i-devices and android devices too. Thanks very much for your interest!

Graffitika said...

Would second the request for a print version. This is really the type of book one wants to pick up and thumb through quite often.
But I do understand the logistics and cost of print these days...